“...I need someone different” - Drake 

Ever seem like Drake’s lyrics could have come from the tearfilled pages of your journal? 

  • You have a knack for picking the ones who are unavailable or commitment averse—clinging to the hope of what could be and pouring your ALL into dead end situation-ships all the while knowing, he ain’t it!  
  • You are aware of this cycle, yet somehow you keep falling into it. The only thing that has seemingly worked is not dating at all, but you know that’s not sustainable. You WANT to date! You WANT to be boo’d up.  
  • You’re READY to legitimately transform the quality of your romantic life and be with someone who WANTS to be with YOU! Who SEES you, values you, protects you, supports you, and forces you throw your head back as you guys laugh uncontrollably together (often).  

Dating w/ LOVE + Logic! is a 90-Day intimate coaching course that shows you how to acknowledge and express your desire while also training your automatic responses so that you end up choosing the right guy. 

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The moment your attraction sets in, it’s a WRAP! A host of hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin, testosterone (yes, testosterone!), and vasopressin are released. The more you receive by way of his attention or affection, the more your brain is flooded with these hormones, so the more you will crave these things from him.  

This is why you need a plan that actually works—one that will effectively combat nature and have you feeling SUPER empowered to walk away from situations that just aren’t for you (even if he is apart of #BeardGang). 


  • Identify and address unproductive relationship patterns 
  • Objectively assess how you are perceived by the men you date
  • Discover which category you’re prone to being put in by the men you date
  • Approach dating relationships empowered by your understanding of the hierarchy of needs (yours vs his)
  • Fall in love with real intimacy 
  • Change the energy you give off as a single woman
  • Pursue a man’s heart without seeming thirsty
  • Establish and enforce firm dating boundaries that still allow you to relax and have fun
  • Develop a quick and dirty method to acknowledging the red flags and scooting those brothas out the door
  • Handle conflict in a way that heals and strengthens bonds
  • Discover what true love looks like through appropriate vulnerability 
  • Experience dating interactions that are as easy as breathing  

  • Learn what role biology or neurobiology rather, plays in your interactions with men.
  • Achieve a greater awareness of these involuntary processes and get ahead of them so that you continue to feel confident and true to yourself.  
  • Use the generalizations of men you’ve clung to, to have honest and fun conversations as opposed to allowing them to feed your fear and awkwardness in dating interactions. 
  • Learn the difference between how you believe you present yourself to men versus how you are perceived. Determine what aspects of the manner in which you present yourself need to be tweaked in order for you to feel more congruent.  
  • Learn the subtle ways the relationship patterns you’ve inherited are manifested in your current romantic relationships. 
  • Clearly identify which relationship patterns are productive versus those that aren’t. 
  • Practically embrace the duality of your experiences with men. Discover what it looks like to be both loving and firm.  
  • Use childlike curiosity to get further and deeper with a man than you ever have before. 
  • Liberate your expression of self through unconditionally learning and loving your boo.
  • Release rigid expectations and learn to flow in organic dating interactions.  

  • Learn which category you were assigned to in previous relationships and discover what your contributions were to getting there. 
  • Find out what control you have over which category you’re assigned to. 
  • Identify the signs that are you being placed in an undesirable category. Proactively create an effective exit strategy.  
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  • Discover the main reason dating is so awkward.
  • Learning to reconcile his innate needs versus yours. 
  • Learn to effectively address the elephant in the room regarding gender-related differences and use these discussions to grow deeper bonds. 
  • Finally grasp how to feel loved amidst such stark differences.  
  • Learn to organically create an environment for win:win interactions. 
  • Discover how to develop a habit of mutually pursuing an exploration of meeting one another’s needs. 
  • Uncover unrealistic wants and subtle but rigid or codependent petitions to have your needs met.
  • Align your desires with unselfish and productive approaches.  

  • Dispel the vulnerability myth. Discover the power of vulnerability and its ability to create unbreakable bonds. 
  • Give voice to your fears but learn how to effectively stop them from robbing you of the opportunities to experience love in the most exhilarating ways imaginable.  
  • Learn how your imperfections can actually be magnetizing.  

  • Learn to unlock the desires that are masked by your fear.  
  • Discover ways you’ve contributed to unhealthy or unproductive dating/relationship interactions because of an inability to effectively manage your fears. 
  • Learn my secret to feeling good about EVERY dating interaction even the ones that aren’t “good.”  
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  • Discover the exact ways you’ve compromised yourself and your values in the past, the warning signs you had or internal responses you felt, and what strategy to use to specifically address these in future dating interactions. 
  • Learn which behaviors from men to view objectively versus those to pay closer attention to.
  • Create fool-proof ways that feel true you to establish loving and firm boundaries.  
  • Learn to eliminate the power of those narratives you create in your head the minute man presents even a hint of what you desire in your husband. 
  • Discover the ways a man has already predicted how you will fold, I mean be, and learn what you can do to avoid the typical pitfalls.  
  • Learn the tactics of what I call guilt-free dating where the goal is always win:win but if he chooses to lose, that’s on him.  
  • Learn to how to recognize unproductive approaches to conflict and become liberated by appropriately reframing the discomfort it causes.  
  • Discover how to do conflict when your love is unconditional. 
  • Find out how I apply LOVE + Logic to navigate hard situations in dating relationships.  
  • Learn to ditch the fairytale only to actually achieve it but in a way you feel more deeply and genuinely connected to. 
  • Discover my secret to consistently experiencing fulfilling dating interactions. 
  • Learn the formula for mastering your ability to compartmentalize your desires and experiences, freeing yourself to exist fully and colorfully in each dating interaction.  
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I'm ONLY choosing 10 people to enroll in my next cohort. Make sure that you pay attention to your email to see when I open enrollment. In order to enroll, you must have already had your Discovery Session with me. These sessions are mandatory in order to be selected for Dating w/ LOVE + Logic! In the Discovery Session we'll have a conversation about this intimate coaching experience, I'll interview you and also give you the opportunity to ask me questions. We'll then both determine if Dating w/ LOVE + Logic! is a good fit for you.

I haven't announced the date of the next enrollment yet..

I'm going to level with you. I KNOW that you are incredibly intelligent, committed to evolving, and extremely conscientious about how you spend your time and resources. This is the reason why I dug even deeper to make certain I am delivering a course that is insanely valuable to you. Dating w/ LOVE + Logic! is created based not only on experiential observations and references but also on empirical data. In this course, I help you to connect practical dots and develop strategies that actually work to transform the way you approach dating relationships.

Short answer: I was born for this. Long answer: After years of failing miserably in dating relationships, I took a step back to assess my contribution to this trail of ruins. While not entirely my fault, I did realize there were some relational patterns I inherited/developed/learned that were COMPLETELY unproductive. My curiosity forced me to unlearn these patterns but also created in me a desire to explore men and the dynamics between us in more pure (without motive) manner. To top off my commitment to understanding how to transform these dating experiences, I decided to obtain my Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. My education and training gave me the ability to be more objective, develop a concrete understanding of people from a systemic lens (in essence who we all are is the result of some system or set of systems), and it also equipped me to appropriately use empirical data to validate experiences and while building a basis to form new habits.

Dating w/ LOVE + Logic! is a 90-day intimate coaching experience. Once enrolled, you will be granted entry into my exclusive membership area where you'll have access to our weekly modules, video chats from me + bonus content! In addition to your weekly modules, you'll receive challenges and check-ins from me via text. Remember, I told you I'm in this journey with you? You will absolutely feel supported and empowered throughout our time together.

There isn't one. So, I only want you to enroll if you know emphatically Dating w/ LOVE + Logic! is for you.

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